Surgical Management of Congenital Rectovaginal Fistula and Type III Atresia Ani in an Umbalachery Calf

R. Uma Rani, P. Tamilmahan


Congenital rectovaginal fistula is characterised by the communication between the dorsal wall of the vagina and the ventral portion of the rectum, so that the vulva functions as a common opening to the urogenital and gastrointestinal tracts (Shakoor et al., 2012). Type III Atresia Ani is a congenital anomaly in which imperforate anus combined with the blind rectal pouch which is more than 1 cm away from the anal dimple (Vianna and Tobias, 2005). The present report records a case of congenital rectovaginal fistula and type III Atresia Ani in an Umbalacheri calf and its successful surgical management.



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