Logistic Test Effort Function Based Software Reliability Growth Model with Multi up Gradation

  • Ajay Kumar Gupta Bhagwant Institute of Technology, Muzaffarnagar U.P., India
  • Suneet Saxena Department of Mathematics, SRMS College of Engineering and Technology, Bhojipura, Bareilly U.P, India
  • Nancy Achrya Bhagwant Universtiy, Ajmer
Keywords: NHPP, Software Reliability, Multi up-gradation, logistic TEF


Paper presents the development of the software reliability growth model under multi-up gradation process. In up gradation process new version of the software is released in the market with some new features. The process is repeated and referred to as multi-up gradation. The model has been developed using logistic test effort function. logistic distribution described increasing/decreasing phenomenon fairly. Three generations of the model have been developed and compared using statistical tools R2 and MSE. Results validate good fitting of the third generation to a given dataset.