OTT Services and Intention to Continuous Subscription: A Moderated-Moderated Mediation Analysis

  • Shefali Jaiswal Research Scholar, Institute of Management Studies, BHU, Varanasi, U.P. (India)
  • Anurag Singh Associate Professor, Institute of Management Studies, BHU, Varanasi, U.P. (India)
Keywords: OTTservices, Search experience, Intention to continuous subscription, Uses and gratification theory


Drawing on the search experience, the study investigates the impact of Over-the-top Services on their intention to continuous subscription. It investigates the mediation of search experience on the linkage between Over-the-top Services (OTT) and intention to continuous subscription. Moreover, study examines the Moderated Mediation effect of screen watching time (first moderator) and device (second moderator) in the relationship of Over-the-top Services, Intention to Continuous Subscription, and Search Experience. An online survey was used to collect the responses and 405 responses were considered for the study. The analysis shows that OTTservices has a significant impact on its user search experience which in turn also has strong and positive impact on the intention to continuous subscription by its users. It was also discovered that the screen watching time as its role of two way interaction has significant moderating effect between OTTservice and search experience relationship and search experience and intention to continuous subscription relationship. The three-way interaction between device and screen watching time in the mediation model was analysed & found strong support in the relationship between OTTservices and search experience and search experience & intention to continuous subscription. This is one of the few paper to check the inter-relationship between OTTservices, intention to continuous subscription and search experience. The three-way interaction between mediation model and screen watching time (first moderator) and device (second moderator) is studied for the first time in the literature therefore the findings will originate the value with novelty and important implications to the OTTconsumers, and content providers.