Journal of AgriSearch

Journal of AgriSearch
Publisher : Society for Upliftment of Rural Economy (SURE), Varanasi
Editor in Chief : Dr. Anil Kumar Singh
No. of Issues Per Year :  4  |   Frequency : Quarterly
Print ISSN: 2348–8808  |    Online-ISSN: 2348– 8867
Indexed with : Crossref,Cite Factor, J-Gate, CeRA MRJ, J-Gate

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The Journal of AgriSearch (JAS) is official publication of Society for Upliftment of Rural Economy (SURE) Varanasi.  Journal of AgriSearch (JAS) is an open access journal, published quarterly in print (ISSN: 2348–8808) & Online (ISSN: 2348– 8867).

The Journal has four issues in a year: March, June, September and December, and contains Research Papers, Short Communications/Notes and Review Papers. All the papers are reviewed by a panel of reviewers for their scientific merit. The manuscript decisions are solely based on the results of peer reviews, and in order to eliminate any bias, reviewers Society accepts articles containing peer reviewed/referred original research article related to agricultural and allied sciences tending to  improve rural economy  for publication in the journal.1