Business Intelligence Implementation: A Global Ethical Challenge in Current Scenario

  • Ekata Gupta Guru Nanak Institute of Management, New Delhi, India
  • Shipra Jain Guru Nanak Institute of Management, New Delhi, India
  • Nilesh K. Dokania Guru Nanak Institute of Management, New Delhi, India
Keywords: Business Intelligence, Corona virus, Digital.


The new Corona virus pandemic is having unprecedented impacts across the globe, especially on human health and economic activities. In this context, governments are totally focusing on digital world and for this Business Intelligence plays the most important role. While business intelligence is a bright and prosperous tool for innovative entrepreneurs, data analysts, or business leaders looking to evolve their efforts, with innovation comes a range of challenges – issues that you will have to tackle to progress and squeeze the most value from your data. Like many other business decisions, these strategies will vary from one company to another based on the business’s size, industry, and culture. The trend in business intelligence and analytics is toward self-serve strategies that incorporate business users into the landscape of analytics with easy-to-use, mobile tools that they can leverage to make better decisions. A BI tool should be flexible for personalization and it should be something your users will want to adopt. A cost-effective business intelligence solution should be for every user.2-5