Internal Marketing Strategies and Employee Satisfaction: Perceived Efficacy with Workforce in New Normal

  • Abhishek Srivastava Faculty of Management Studies, Gopal Narayan Singh University, Rohtas, Bihar, India
  • Mukta Goyal Guru Nanak Dev Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India
Keywords: Disruption, Innovation, Internal marketing, Managing workforce.


Many new and abnormal solutions turn into new standards with a deeper understanding of the connection with the lockdown scenario in COVID-19. However, with loads of problems, we have managed to turn our business with new dealings followed by varied mysteries. Undoubtedly, we are now turning into a noble mechanism to drive in the direction of finding conclusive and ground-breaking results for the mass concerns in association with internal marketing communications. Updated information now covers the promotions and correspondence business of the current new normal-like situation. Communication helps in understanding workers' awareness, habits, interests, preferences, and feelings as essential ingredients to preserve integrity from an introspective perspective. Internal communication is the connection that links emotions and behaviors in a contemporary work environment. The study's objective is to identify efficacious internal marketing techniques adopted by different prominent organizations in post COVID-19 era and compare strategies adopted with internal marketing in pre- and Post-Covid situations for employees. Despite challenges faced by organizations which are unparalleled to the existing scenario and can pretend like devastating effect in the pandemic situation, here in this paper, researchers have tried to drag the concepts of disruption of services with different prominent organizations in connection with the management of sales along with the requirements to manage the workforce to induce them to operate remotely and off-course in analyzing situations. Researchers have also focused on issues like the health and welfare of workforces and significant contributions to society. Now communication plays a key role in the pandemic situation, and the integration of technologies now serves as a major rescuer. The study showed that in-house communication professionals play a significant role in their entire organization since they collaborate with other staff to ensure that companies run as smoothly as possible. It also states that this epidemic leads management teams to notice that businesses cannot expand, succeed, or prosper without consciousness, commitment, and diligent staff, ultimately giving people the feeling of knowing products with virtual reality.