Publisher: International Society of Environmental Botanists
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. R.D. Tripathi
No. of Issues Per Year: 4   |   Frequency: Quarterly
Print ISSN: 2454-1117
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An Official Publication of International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB)

(Registered under the Societies Act – XXI of 1860)

About the Society

International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB) is a non-profit, non-governmental registered Scientific Society established at a meeting of some plant and environmental scientists held at CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow (CSIR-NBRI) on 3 December 1994. ISEB aims to promote the cause of environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, bioremediation of environmental pollutants, sustainable utilization of natural resources and above all, focusing on the increasing threat of climate change. The Society is engaged in highlighting the role of plants in attaining aforementioned objectives. ISEB became a scientific member of International Union of Biological Science (IUBS) Paris, France in 2004.

Starting with 28 founder members, ISEB now enjoys a membership of nearly 530 individuals from different parts of the world. ISEB is publishing a quarterly semi- popular-scientific magazine, ENVIRONEWS since January 1995. The basic objective of this newsletter is to disseminate scientific information on various environmental issues among non-specialist individuals interested in the environment and plant science. ISEB is also publishing International Journal of Plant and Environment (IJPE) since 2015. ISEB initiated recognizing reputed environmental Biologists / Botanists by electing them to Fellowship of International Society of Environmental Botanists (FISEB). ISEB also confer Young Scientists Award to encourage emerging young researchers below age of 35 years.

From time to time, ISEB organizes educational, mass awareness and other outreach programmes like popular and scientific lectures, competitions for students and training programms.

ISEB and CSIR-NBRI have jointly organized six highly successful International Conferences on Plants and Environmental Pollution in Lucknow in 1996, 2002, 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2018 in which leading scientists from more than 30 countries across the globe have participated. These conferences provided vibrant interactive fora for serious deliberations on the pressing problems of pollution and the role of plants in its amelioration. The deliberations during these conferences focused on climate change, environment and biodiversity, environmental biotechnology, plant response to environmental pollution, environmental impact assessment, bio-indication and bioremediation, plant-microbe interaction and waste management.

About the Journal

International Journal of Plant and Environment (IJPE) is an official organ of the International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB). It is an inclusive peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal aimed to advance the interaction of plant and environmental science for the betterment of all stakeholders of the society, present and in the future. IJPE has been founded by a team of botanists and environmental scientists to accelerate the gait of scientific advancement and establishing its value. We publish the research in environmental botany and allied fields aimed to benefit the scientific society, academicians and policymakers.

IJPE welcomes high quality submissions on all aspects of environmental contamination or air, water and land, bioremediation strategies for pollutants, bio-indication, eco-system dynamics and forest degradation, environment and biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, global change impacts on plants. Responses of plants to abiotic stresses (salinity, heavy metals, drought, temperature stress, flooding etc.) and biotic stress (plant insect, plant-microbe interaction etc.), plant environmental interaction at morphology, physiology and molecular levels. Submitted manuscripts are evaluated on the basis of methodological rigor and high ethical standards besides, perceived novelty.

IJPE intends publication under different categories, viz., original research papers, short research communications, research update/ mini reviews, commentaries. The original research articles, mini-reviews/ research update shall not exceed 10 printed pages. The articles published under the short communication category are expected to contain path breaking researches requiring urgent publication. The length of such articles shall be restricted to five printed pages.